ruettelbohle large mooser betonflaechenfertiger beton abziehen

Rüttelbohlen MSB

im Baukastensystem bis zu 26m

Elemente von
0.50m | 0.75m | 1.00m | 1.50m | 2.00m | 3.00m |

Sonderlängen auf Anfrage lieferbar


MSB Large
ruettelbohle umbausatz mooser flaechenfertiger


Rüttelbohlen Umbausatz

geieignet für Noggerath, Belidor, Tremix, Contec, Atlas Copco - und ähnliche Rüttelbohlen

in wenigen Stunden direkt auf der Baustelle umgebaut ohne Welle, ohne Stehlager, ohne Kupplungen, ohne Gummikreuze, ohne Keilriemen und ohne Zentralantrieb

MSB Umbausatz
ruettelbohle kompatibel mooser msb passt auf andere bohlen

Rüttelbohle Kompatibel

Passend zum Umbausatz für wellenbetriebene Rüttelbohlen.
Eigenes Rüttelbohlensystem -must fit - kompatibel zu nahezu allen
SVM, SVE, Vario und Variant-Systemen.
  • RÜTTELBOHLEN NEWS: the MSB compatible truss screed (more)
  • Rüttelbohlen im Einsatz: Mooser truss screed in action (more)


truss screed concrete screed mooser large concrete surface

current sites | projects


truss screed concrete screed mooser large concrete surface

operations of truss screeds / concrete screeds


truss screed concrete surface screed

of truss screed, concrete screed etc.

  • Truss screed,external air vibrators, battery screed
    for rent or sale

    The RüMoo products are used in a great variety of ways in bridge construction, tunnel construction, road construction, hall construction or the respective concrete carriageway. Our truss screed, air vibrators, concrete screed and finishing platform can be rented, a hire purchase is possible as well as a purchase. We will send you an offer!

  • RüMoo truss screed, framework vibrators, concrete screed, handheld screeds

    The RüMoo GmbH is developing, building and selling its own products such as external framework air vibrators and the patented Mooser MSB Concrete Surface Production Truss Screed Scraper Kit System!

  • The "Kit System"

    The purpose of the development of this concrete surface screed system was to achieve an optimal yield of a variety of vibratory scraper systems for a variety of applications with as few kit-series parts as possible.

truss screed sequence From the request to the delivery
The sequence

From the request to the delivery

truss screed brochure
MSB Brochures

have a look at the RüMoo products

ruettler clipart
external air vibrators

our new external air vibrators

construction site truss screed concrete surface screed mooser msb

Designed for large spans. The MSB Large can be used up to lengths of 26m. Elements of 0.50m | 0.75m | 1.00m | 1.50m | 2.00m | 3.00m | Special lengths available.

 truss screed concrete surface screed mooser msb

Due to the modular system, all attachments except for the three-point belts between the Rüttelbohlen large and medium exchangeable.

 truss screed concrete surface screed mooser msb

All attachments taken from the shelf of MSB truss screeds. All standard angle lengths from 0.50m to 3.0m can be used.


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