Since 2007, Mooser GmbH has been developing, building and selling its own products such as the patented Mooser MSB Concrete Surface Production Truss Screed Scraper Kit System!


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Rüttelbohlen MSB

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MSB Large
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Rüttelbohlen Umbausatz

geieignet für Noggerath, Belidor, Tremix, Contec, Atlas Copco - und ähnliche Rüttelbohlen

in wenigen Stunden direkt auf der Baustelle umgebaut ohne Welle, ohne Stehlager, ohne Kupplungen, ohne Gummikreuze, ohne Keilriemen und ohne Zentralantrieb

MSB Umbausatz
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Rüttelbohle Kompatibel

Passend zum Umbausatz für wellenbetriebene Rüttelbohlen.
Eigenes Rüttelbohlensystem -must fit - kompatibel zu nahezu allen
SVM, SVE, Vario und Variant-Systemen.
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The MSB battery rag allows fast, effortless stripping with uniform surface compaction of the concrete. By battery operation is independent of a power connection, so that eliminates the often annoying power cable and you are exposed to any exhaust gases from internal combustion engines. The MSB flap is easy to use by one person. Individual working widths of 1m to 3m are possible with angle or rectangular profile. The battery life is about 6-8 hours. This corresponds to a capacity of approx. 600m² - 800m² of concrete surface to be deducted. Thanks to the plug and play system of the battery, a quick replacement, if necessary, is possible. The MSB battery ratchet has a speed control, the weights of the unbalance motor are adjustable. Thus, the effect of the patch can be adjusted to the properties of the concrete (concrete consistency, etc.). The MSB battery pack is also equipped with a direction switch for forward and reverse operation.



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